Pastor TC's Reflections

Christmas trivia, fun and laughter… Rev. Tashi and cohost Wayne are joined by Judith, Tanice, Renee and Minister Dre to reminisce on fond Christmas  memories as well as to share their thoughts on the ideal Christmas. Listen and be blessed.

Have a happy, holy, peaceful and reflective Christmas and every blessing for the New Year!

The year 2020 turned out to be a record-breaking and record-making one. Listen as Rev. Tashi and cohost Wayne discuss the highlights of 2020, leaving for you the lessons learned and the resolve going into 2021. Leave a comment below. Follow this podcast so you never miss out!

Rev. Tashi and Wayne share their thoughts and fun memories of Christmas past. They talk about the fact that this Christmas (2020) will more or less be different, so they offer great ideas for how to spend “Christmas in a pandemic”. Enjoy!!

Rev. Tashi and cohost Wayne talk about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the highs, the lows, the conspiracy theories and coping mechanisms. Get comfortable. This is one conversation you can benefit from. Every blessing!

Rev. Tashi and co-host Wayne discuss the 2020 presidential elections: electoral fraud, the power of the tongue, inconsistencies, prophecies and biasedness in the media. Listen in for a different perspective. Every blessing!

In this final episode of the Gospel Music Dilemma series, Rev. Tashi and her co-host Wayne Plummer discuss the notion of Gospel music as business/career or ministry. Can it be both? Should it be both? Listen and be challenged. Please share with every Gospel artiste you know or anyone who has asked this question.

Rev. Tashi and cohost Wayne continue the discussion on the gospel music dilemma. Should Christians do ‘collabs’ with secular artistes? Should secular artistes be invited to church services to ‘minister’ in song? Should gospel artistes accept invitations to secular shows to minister? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. 

(We claim NO RIGHTS to the songs played in this recording)

Rev. Tashi and co-host Wayne chat about gospel music… what it is and how should we evaluate it? What’s appropriate music for Worship services? Is there a place for entertainment in the life of the Christian, in the Church and in gospel music? What should be the main purpose of gospel music? Listen and be blessed. Share with your friends and family.

Rev. Tashi and co-host Wayne continue the discussion on grief and grieving. They discuss the emotional and physical symptoms of grief, and of course, the difference between grief and depression. Listen and be blessed.

Over 1 million people across the world have died at the hands of COVID-19. People are dying and consequently, many are mourning. Rev. Tashi and co-host Wayne are joined by Bishop Dr. Steve Dunkley (Clinical Psychologist and Counselor) to talk about the stages of grief, different types of grief and how to deal with it. Listen and be blessed. Share with others who need this message.


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